Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wonder: Are Pennies lucky?

This week we are WONDERing if pennies are really lucky. We thought this would be a great topic to explore because we have learned that Abe Lincoln is on the penny, we are discussing matter and different materials, we recently finished our unit on shapes and the penny is a circle, and next week we are diving into economics with our Goods/Services and Needs/Wants unit.

Do you think pennies are lucky? Explain your answer.


  1. Matthew thinks it is lucky to find a penny when it is on heads but if it is on tails, he thinks it is best to turn it over to heads for the next lucky person.

  2. Trey Pack says pennies are lucky if they are laying on heads. And if they are laying on tails you are to flip it over and let someone else pick it up for good luck.

  3. Caleigh thinks it is lucky to find a penny that is on heads but it can only be a penny that is in a parking lot. It cannot be a penny from a purse or piggy bank!!