Monday, April 29, 2013

Authors as Mentors- Eric Carle

Eric Carle is a famous children's book author. He writes literary nonfiction texts, which happens to be what we have been studying for 3 weeks! For our insect unit, our students read Eric Carle books during shared reading and writing workshop. We learned facts from informational texts during our science  block. With the help of Eric Carle's craft and our fact posters created in science, the students wrote their very own literary nonfiction text on their choice of the following insects: ladybug, butterfly, and honeybee.

Their books included what the bugs eat, where they live, the life cycle, etc. This project took three weeks to complete. It was fun, engaging, and meaningful throughout the unit. It was authentic because this project was on their interest level and connected to the real-world. We are excited to show you a few pictures from the unit....

To learn more and find books by Eric Carle, visit his site :

They are tracing the title with black markers.

Painting the tissue paper (like Eric Carle)

Creating a tissue paper collage.
Final products! We have displayed them for everyone to see.
Thank you for your hard work Room 202 Kids!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day... Hooray!

Class of 2025 Kindergarten students participated in our first annual Tree Planting Ceremony. Mr. Dean stopped by to give the teachers a helping hand. Thank you, Mr. Dean! You were a life saver, for the tree that is. :)
Bella was one of the first students to water the tree.

We planted a Japenese Maple Tree.

Friendship Web

After reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, we learned that spiders build their webs to catch food. We created our own web, but we caught great complements! Each student chose a friend and shared a complement before passing the thread to the next person.
                                                                  Our Friendship Web

WELCOME to Project Kindergarten

We hope you found your way from our original blog, CLICK, CLACK, QUACK!
Welcome to Project Kindergarten! This year I have grown so much as an educator. The way I plan and implement lessons is completely different. Who would have thought that planning meaningful, authentic, and engaging lessons would be the perfect way to teach? It's not like we only did worksheets before, but the AUTHENTIC aspect was lacking. Our  principal introduced us to the 4 C's- critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. We have also focused on integrating across the curriculum. I do not consider myself a "Guru", but I have developed a passion for inquiry and project based learning. And that is the purpose of this blog--- for Room 202's parents to be involved in what we are learning and for teachers to get and share ideas. Thanks for visiting our page. I hope you are inspired by what you will find!