Monday, February 17, 2014

What happens if you don't brush your teeth?

February is Dental Health awareness month. This week, we are researching what happens if you don't brush your teeth, but we are going a step further! Sometimes it can be a chore to get our young ones to brush their teeth. We are taking a trip back in time to see the FIRST toothbrushes invented. You will be shocked.... and a little grossed out!
This is going to be a fun one! Stay tuned!


  1. Parker says you need to brush your teeth before you go to bed each night so you don't get cavities.

  2. Grant says that you have to brush your teeth or you will get cavities. If you get cavities, then you have to get silver teeth.

  3. Payton says brushing keeps you from getting cavities and teeth from
    rotting out (which means falling out) :-)

  4. Matthew says brushing your teeth helps you have a fresh mouth and nice breath.