Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why I Love Week 6...

Six must be the magic number in kindergarten. To them, they celebrate turning 6 during this year. For me, it means that procedures have been taught, we are in the "groove", and can start fully implementing work stations and my most favorite time of the day, Guided Reading! Teaching kindergarten is awesome for many reasons. But, my number 1 reason is
This is the Guided Reading table. We start the lesson off with working with letters and sight words. Then we work with books. The students read books on their instructional level. I listen and help out when needed. They are encourage to use their reading strategies. This week we focused on "Lips the Fish" to help us sound out unknown words in a text. Lastly, we will wrap up the lesson with a sentence puzzle from the text or a writing activity.

We are also working in Math stations now. A hands-on approach is always the best for our young mathematicians. In this picture, Brady, Grant, and Jayden are building on to number patterns by adding 1 cube to show how numbers increase by one.
Another reason why I LOVE week 6, I'm no longer the hardest working person in the classroom. I  am the facilitator of the lessons, but the students are now in charge of their own learning.
Rilee Grace and Alliyah are playing the Tens Frames Flash Game. They draw dots on the tens frame to represent a number, flash the card, and the students tell what they saw. They do not have time to count 1-1.
I was amazed to hear their responses, "I know it is 7 because there are 5 on the top and two on the bottom." - Ian
"And 5+2= 7!" Payton
Wow, I'm a HAPPY and PROUD Teacher!!!

Enjoy your Sunday! This post makes me look forward to Monday morning!


  1. I am so proud of Ian! That made my day!

  2. I LOVE that you have this blog! Makes me feel like I am part of Payton's day!

  3. I am so glad! I love that our blog can serve as a window into our classroom! It's my hope that I can peek into the window of my own children's classrooms one day as well!