Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ol' Linda...

Old Linda is right. We are not sure exactly how old she is, but from our research, we believe she could possibly be in her 30s. Now, I am quickly approaching this number, so in HUMAN years, she's is quite young. However, in turtle time, they live to be around 50, so she is pretty old. She was found in Mayo, where my husband grew up. I told him that I bet he played with Linda once upon a time! Not too likely, but it could have been her since we did learn that they do not travel far from home, no more than 200 meters to be exact.

The bottom of her shell is dark, we think its just dirty, but you can see the picture on the left is of a 7 year old turtle. The one on the right is one that is in it's thirties or forties. The lines are more defined there. Linda's look more like the one on the right.

We promised to show you pictures of her new habitat.... Welcome Home (temporarily) Linda!
What's with the construction paper tent? --- I'm glad you asked! :) Turtles like to have hiding places. We learned this when she turned her red water bowl over on herself. She hangs out there most of the day. We know that she likes to eat lettuce, so she has fresh organic lettuce to munch on. Some of the students brought her rocks and wood chips in from recess to make her habitat look more natural. We have also been on the search for worms at recess. Linda needs her protein.

Linda was also a part of our Living/Nonliving Wonder Square lesson on Thursday. She loved the opportunity to get out and walk around a bit.
The boys and girls observed what was inside the square and noted the living and nonliving things. One of our living things left the scene...

Linda was ooonnn.........theeee.....mooooove.... during our I Wonder lesson.
By the way, have we told you that Linda only has one eye?
We wonder what could have happened to her?!?!

Check back with us soon...
Dr. Patterson has asked what the difference is between and turtle and a tortoise.
And one of our own scientists asked "How do turtles hear?"

We will find the answers to these questions this week!

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