Friday, May 9, 2014

Wonderopolis Visited Our Classroom!!!

Something very exciting happened this morning! Representatives from visited our classroom! We use this website every week for our Wonder of the Week and we refer to it often throughout our integrated units.
They 'got word' of how much we utilize their site that they wanted to see it used in action! They came all the way from Kentucky to visit our school! THANK YOU SO MUCH, WONDEROPOLIS for all the WONDERful resources you offer to busy classroom teachers and curious young hearts!

Mrs. Garner and I created a video (similar to what Wonderopolis provides) responding to the question, "How do ducks know how to swim?".

Students listened and watched to recall facts learned from the video.

We shared facts as a group.

While the students recorded their facts in their journals, I shared how we utilize in  our classroom and how we have found it to be one of our core resources in our units.

Representatives from our District Office joined us.

What a great way to end Teacher Appreciation Week! Our students did a fabulous job on their MAP tests, and although these tests are important to show their growth, it is opportunities like these that make me so proud to be their teacher. It is not possible to be a successful teacher without curious, sweet, ambitious students and supportive parents. So, THANK YOU!


  1. You are exactly right! This was one of the best ways to end Teacher Appreciation week. Without our curious and ambitious students, the amount of growth we have seen this year would not be possible. I am so thankful for!

  2. What a wonderful video! I am very thankful for the opportunities you have provided for Matthew and his classmates to explore various topics. I hope this innocent wonder and thirst for knowledge they exhibit now will last a lifetime.