Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 23 Plans

Sight Words:
had, that, will

Reading- Comparing different types of texts: fiction, information, and poetry. We are reading a lot of books about American Heroes and symbols to extend our Social Studies lessons.

Phonics- blending sounds orally to make words, syllables, and rhyming words.

Writing- We are writing silly informational pieces based on our mentor text, George Washington's Teeth.

Math- We are wrapping up our geometry unit on 2D and 3D shapes. The students will complete a unit assessment on Friday. You can help your child prepare by reviewing cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone.

Social Studies- We are learning about Famous America Heroes (Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Susan B. Anthony). We will also learn some symbols that represent America (The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, Bald Eagle, The American Flag, and our National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner).

We have a busy week ahead! I encourage you to have conversations with your child on what they are learning in the classroom. I hope this overview will provide a guide to start great and meaningul discussions.

I also enourage you to research our Wonder of the Week Why are all snowflakes different? and post your child's findings on the blog or by emailing me. Your child will receive three marshmallows to build a snowman on Friday.

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