Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Native American's Home

We researched Native American homes on Wednesday. We learned that many of their homes are Teepees and have symbols on them. We painted Native American symbols on a bed sheet before constructing our very own Teepee.

We are so proud of our students' hard work. Check back to see pictures of us reading in our Teepee! 

Here is our finished Teepee! A perfect addition to our reading center! 

In writing, we compared the homes of Native Americans long ago to our homes today. Here are a few samples from our Thanksgiving Then and Now books. 

Their handwriting and details in their illustrations look wonderful! Great job friends! I am a very happy teacher! 

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  1. Mrs. Daniel - I love seeing the 4Cs truly come to life in your class. Students have the opportunity to be Creative while working Collaboratively in creating a teepee. Then, they are given the opportunity to think Critically while Communicating their learning, comparing life in the United States and observing the holiday of Thanksgiving "Then and Now." I am very proud of these "All Stars!" Thank you for sharing!