Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Leaves Unit

Our Room 202 Scientists have investigated the driving question "Why do some leaves change colors in the fall?" for over two weeks. It all started with this one question when discussing seasonal changes. This was a great opportunity for students to drive the instruction and we took it!
Here is Our Journey...

We started our unit by asking what the students already know and what they wonder.
Our All*Stars then observed their natural surroundings for signs of seasonal changes.

We watched informational videos and recorded facts.
Ms. Garner and I recorded an  age- appropriate informational video on evergreen trees. We also used this as a hook for our lesson as our students were going to prepare to create their own video during that week.
We conducted two experiments in our OES Wonder Room.
We put a "Waxy Coat" (on evergreen trees) on a deciduous leaf to help keep the green color.

We used rubbing alcohol to remove the chlorophyll from a deciduous leaf and to see the original color.


Here is our Immersion table for our Fall Leaves unit!
Best of all, our Oakland All*Star Kindergarten friends worked really hard on learning BIG words like chlorophyll, deciduous, and evergreen and they used them in an informational video so that boys and girls around the world can learn why some leaves change colors in the fall. 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job?!?! This melts my heart every time!

Our class joined Ms. Garner's for our Video  Premier Party. A few very important guests, Dr. Patterson, Mrs. Skinner, and Mrs. Mckelvey joined in on the fun.

  We had a popcorn snack to celebrate their hard work! 

After we returned to our room, we received a pretty special email from our principal...

Dear 5K Friends –


I am so proud of you!  You guys are truly “Making Success Happen!”  You need to know that there are not many 5 and 6-year-olds who know how to use the words, evergreen, chlorophyll, and deciduous…BUT my 5K friends at Oakland do!  Keep up the good work and know that you are a very smart group of students.  I am thankful to be your principal. 


“Follow Your Own Star”


Dr. P

Way to go Room 201 and 202 All*Stars! You have made us all so proud! 

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